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Résumé: CV


Master of Architecture


University of Southern California, GPA 3.8

  • Outstanding directed design research award/ Master of Architecture thesis award.

  • Tau Sigma Delta Award - graduating with honors in top 20%.

  • Full-ride scholarship.

Graduate Building Science Certificate


University of Southern California, GPA 3.9

  • 1 of the 3 students who successfully completed this certificate at the University of Southern California in 2020. 

Architectural designer at Urban architecture lab

Bachelor of Arts in Architecture


University of Liverpool

  • Full-ride scholarship with honors.

Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture 


University of Liverpool

  • Full-ride scholarship with honors.


'Functional poche'

Graduate studio, 2019

  • Led a team of 2 for 12-week NCARB accredited representative project.

'Breathing light'

Graduate studio, 2019

  • Led a team of 5 for 16 weeks for design & prototyped pneumatic-depneumatic façade system.


  • Responsible for internet publicity & system logistics for the association of women in architecture and design.

  • Responsible for graphic design for graduate association of architecture students.

  • Representative of the University of Southern California at AIA Powerful V Conference. 


  • LEED Los Angeles Chapter

  • Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society in Architecture and Allied Arts

  • American Institute of Architecture Students

  • National Organization of Minority Architects

  • Association of Women in Architecture and Design


  • Revit

  • Enscape

  • Rhino

  • Dynamo

  • Grasshopper

  • AutoCAD

  • Adobe Creative Cloud


Architectural designer at Masastudio

Los Angeles, CA; 01/ 2021 - Current

  • I worked with the project manager on producing an entire Revit model for a new custom residential project, taking it from initial design stage to DD phase. I worked on its permit sets: Specifically the roof plan, demo plan, key plan, site plan, door schedule, door details, window schedule, exterior elevations, interior elevations.

  • I worked directly under the project manager on a brand new 85,946 SF commercial project in SD phase , task started with topography modelling and finished in SD documentation in 2 weeks and met the deadline by the end of the second week.

  • Collaborated with 4-person project team on a 257,840 SF commercial project in DD phase, created digital modelling iterations of customized furniture and generated more than 50 presentation renderings with Enscape.

  • I worked on a building cluster under the project managers on producing CD sets. My responsibilities included the entirety of partition schedule, the entirety of ceiling details, wall details, skylight details, finish schedule & door schedule, coordination with architects of record, structural and MEP.

Los Angeles, CA; 07/ 2020 - 01/2021

  • Worked on 4 mixed-use multi-family/commercial projects within 6 months. Produced 3 entitlement sets myself and built Revit models for 3 of them and brought them to post SD completion under directions of project architect and project manager.

Architectural intern at JTD Architects

Topanga, CA; 05-08/ 2019

  • Incorporated fire marshal’s notes for single family residential project sited on 4 divided lots totaling 61,007 SF in SD phase I pushed the project forward and refined the overall design, taking the project into DD phase within a month.

  • Worked through SD phase on a 3,668 SF private residential project sited on uneven bedrocks and waterlines; supervised under project architect and attended the bi-weekly client meetings. I did code researching, translated point cloud raw data to Revit topography and analysed the limitations imposed upon the project by the site condition.

  • Took over a 23,652 SF private residential project sited on a steep hill, worked through modelling the DD phase and re-dimensioned the design. I had the height limits under close observation and continuously recalculated and monitored the project FAR with every design iteration, ensured the design to progress under building code.

Architectural intern at Chu + Gooding Architects

Los Angeles, CA; 05-08/ 2018

  • Built physical model iterations for a 35,670 SF private residence under the project architect’s direct supervision during DD phase, sped up the modelling process for the project deadline and ensured the quality of the model to meet the requirements of a meeting with the landscape consultants.

  • Worked on CD phase on a 3,142 SF single family residence with a senior colleague. Millwork on bathrooms, hardware, door & window scheduling, sped up the completion of CD phase on the project.


ULI Hines student competition

'pedestropolis'; 2020

  • Designed a mixed-use district in downtown Miami next to the art district centred around pedestrian activities.

  • Role in team of 5: activity & event diagrams, proposal activity diagrams, all research and narratives. Competing against the other 200 teams.

University of Southern California charrette

'hålet'; 2017, ‘seahorse’; 2018

  • Designed and built physical model for skyscraper project in 3 days.

  • Role in team of 5: model making, concept diagrams, sections.

Disney imaginary competition

'untitled', 2017

  • Designed an adaptive reuse event architecture in 2 months.

  • Role in team of 4: event diagrams and environmental art.

120 hours competition

'toolshed'; 2015, 'pyramiden-project preservation'; 2016

  • Designed a post-apocalyptical modular architecture. Entry ‘Toolshed’. Competing against the other 650 entries.

  • Designed event architecture reusing mine carts and railways as a part of the heritage conservation at the abandoned town Pyramiden, Russia.

  • Role in team of 2: diagramming, researching & proposal. Competing against the other 716 entries.


A+D museum exhibition, 'The Los Angeles Schools'

Los Angeles, CA; 11/2019-01/2020

  • My project ‘Functional Poche’ and 2 other projects were chosen to represent the University of Southern California School of Architecture in a public student exhibition. The exhibition also featured works from UCLA, Sci-Arc and Cal Poly [See detailed account]

USC SoA publication materials


  • My project ‘Breathing Light’ was chosen as a standout project and featured in various school-wide publication materials [See example]


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